Aubrey Grace Photography Finally Has A Home!


Oh my goodness guys, I am in shock that this happened today!

I have always had the dream of having my own portrait studio someday.  But I knew I would have to start out working from my home and build up to owning/renting a space.  After my last shooting season, about six months ago, I really felt like it was time to have my own space to spread out in and expand what I could offer my clients.

Let me tell you the back story to why I couldn’t be happier about this news!

 I started praying more actively about this desire and started taking the search for a studio more seriously.  Pretty quickly I stumbled upon a building in Plymouth.  There was no “for rent” sign.  I just walked in and asked if there was any space available.  I came to find out that there was a big, beautiful, open space that a photographer had just moved out of the week prior.  It was already painted white, had beautiful window light coming in the front and I was already envisioning how I would decorate and divide up the space for a shooting area, office, and sales room.  I couldn’t believe it! What seemed like my dream space was just plopped in my lap and it was in my budget!!

A few things needed to happen in the building before I could move in but I was told I could be in as soon as October.  With Fall being my busiest season I thought again, “wow, this is incredible! My current clients will be able to enjoy this space almost immediately!”  I was certainly getting a little ahead of myself.  And no longer relying on God, because everything felt like it was falling into place.  At first I was told the building project that was prohibiting my move in got pushed back, but that it was all still good…I’d be in by November.  And then again I get a phone call, this time; you should for sure be good to go by the new year…  I still had hope but was definitely starting to feel discouraged.  Then in January I got the news, the space was no longer going to be available due to the condition of the building and nothing was going to be done about it.  I was devastated.  I had already been dreaming about it for months and had every little detail planned out in my head.  I then began believing the lie that a studio was just never going to happen for me. I gave up.

However, God had something else in mind.

I continued to be discouraged for a few weeks but then something changed in me.  I decided I couldn’t let that one space ruin my dream.  I was reminded that  God had a plan and that he planted that dream in my head for a purpose.  With that motivation, I began the search again.  I looked at few more spaces but they just weren’t what I was looking for, or not in a good location, or way out of my budget haha.  I continued praying and finally surrendered my timetable of when I wanted things to happen.  I told God I wanted Him to be in control and if that meant my studio didn’t come for another couple years that I would be ok with that.

Alright, now that you are all caught up on the journey that has been taking place.  I can tell you about the exciting news!  Last Friday my mom and I went to look at a studio in Hamtramck.  The space was gorgeous but I felt an uneasiness about it and was nervous about the location.  After, we decided to drive around downtown Plymouth to see if we could find any rent signs that maybe weren’t listed online.  Sure enough we found a few and one was for space in a historical building.  We walked in, found the owner and he showed us around.  The first space he showed us was down a long hallway on the third floor, we had entered the end suite. I knew right away…this was it.  I tried not to get ahead of myself this time around but something truly felt different.  When I found out it was in my budget, I knew I needed to take this offer seriously!

I spent the weekend crunching numbers and asking for advice and prayer from close friends and family.  On Monday I felt like it was the right decision to pursue making this happen and today I signed the lease… so it’s official!  I am beyond excited to decorate and style this fun, historical studio but even more than that I am excited to have a place to serve and love my clients well.  For me photography is more than a picture, it’s the entire experience.  I’m excited to share the process of transforming the studio into the home of Aubrey Grace Photography!

This process, though it was difficult at times, has been such a sweet reminder of God’s perfect timing and faithfulness.  So if you are in a period of waiting I hope this encourages you to hang in there and keep trusting and relying on the Lord.  He will not leave you and he cares about the desires of your heart.

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  • Karen Sundberg

    on March 25, 2016  5:56 am

    Congrats Aubrey !! I loved your story! I loved your strong faith and the fact you never gave up on your dreams. May God bless your new studio !! You are an amazing and talented photographer and a beautiful person inside and out . Love Karen