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Hey there future photographers!  Teaching others is quickly becoming a passion of mine.  Having a mentoring opportunity when I was newly searching the photography world was instrumental while trying to decide if I would pursue a career in photography full time.  As I have grown and gained experience in building my own photography business, I am hoping to extend that same opportunity to someone searching like I was 4 years ago.

That can look a few different ways, whether it is training in Photoshop, Lightroom, or basic workflow tips; to using your fancy camera in manual mode to get the shot you imagined in your head, instead of clicking the shutter and hoping for the best!  Check out the 3 options I am offering spring of 2017!  Inquire to book your training date!


Have you ever asked yourself, “what does the entire photography process look like?”  One on one mentoring takes you through shooting basics, techniques, and posing tips with live models.  We start with a natural light photoshoot, you get to choose if you’d like to work with a couple or an individual.  After the 30 minute shooting lesson, you will have an opportunity to get in front of the camera for some fun new headshots.  It’s always great to have updated professional photos for your online presence! (Plus that alone is $100 value!)  Then, we will head back to my studio in Plymouth.  There I will walk you through my workflow, everything from culling through images to find the ones I will end up showing clients, to color correcting and prepping the images to be viewed.  We will then walk through a more in depth process of retouching our favorite images!  I can’t wait to teach you my tips and tricks and give you an over view of what being a full-time portrait photographer looks like!

And if it’s a beautiful day, I say we end our time together by walking to Dairy King and grabbing an ice cream cone 🙂

4 hour training session


This training program is designed for beginners wanting to learn how to use Lightroom tools such as sliders, batch editing, color correcting and more.  Learn how to remove something from an image background seamlessly, retouch skin (while keeping the portrait natural), and take away frizzy hair for a polished, clean look.  We will meet at my photo studio in Plymouth where we can use my 27 inch iMac and eat some yummy snacks too!

2 hour training session


Ever since I was a little girl, entrepreneurship has fascinated me.  Having the privilege of owning and operating a small business has taught me so many things!  It has also made me passionate about others’ creative small businesses.  With my knowledge that I received while attending and graduating from photography school with an emphasis in business, has equiped me to guide others who are beginning to form their business.  I have continued to stay up on whats trending, by attending conferences and listening to more webinars than I know what to do with!  My dream is to share some of my knowledge with you and come along side whatever you are in process of getting off the ground. During your 30 minute skype call or in person meeting, we can talk about things from social media, emailing, and plan of action to discovering what makes you unique.

1 hour training session

I can’t wait to meet with you and help you on your journey of entrepreneurship!

To ask further questions or book your training session, please go to my contact page or email me at


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